Debate on RTL Klub

In its morning program Hungarian RTL Klub hosted a debate between Károly Sáringer and skeptic István Vágó about whether it is appropriate stepping up against charlatans using legal actions. Sáringer, who is a healer agreed on checking his power under controlled conditions. During the night show on the same channel the same topic was covered and Saringer had already tried to slip out of the testing. The question of the SMS poll this evening on RTL Klub was: " Do you support the approach of István Vágó and the Hungarian Skeptics in setting up against the ezoteric claims?". 67% of the answers was in favour of us! Watch the morning debate, the evening show (both in Hungarian)!


Link collections

Skeptic Gábor Varga launched the link collection Naturalist philosophy link collection on Startlap (Start Page portal of link collections) portal. The Skeptic Society fonds of these link collections as they serve starting points for many internet users. Memgers of the society maintain several Startlap collections: Charles Darwin, Evolution, Biology, Memetics, Skeptic, Ateism, Critics of religions, Inquisition, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Science, Scientific Papers and Naturalist Philosophy. Other web pages maintained by our colleagues:: Naturalism, Free thinker.

Debate on TV2

The latest interview (in Hungarian) with István Vágó - famous TV personnel and devoted skeptic - called for hysteria among the proponents of the ezoteric community in Hungary. We do not understand why? Vágó was only speaking about that those who screw out money from the gullible customers using bogus claims might easily appear at court. If the cap fits wear it.

This was the topic of the debate in the morning of 15 June on the Mokka (TV2) between skeptic Gábor Hraskó and Vilmos Binger - the prelate of the Church of Prophets. Watch the video (in Hungarian)!

Skeptic Society interview

In the morning program of Hungarian RTL Klub István Vágó and Gábor Hraskó were interviewed about the Skeptic Society and Darwin Day. The interview was highly affected by the fact that just one hour before the same staff had interviewd a person talking to the dead, and they totally forgot asking any common sense critical question from him. Watch the video (in Hungarian)!.

Skeptic Swarming 2007

The annual "Skeptic Swarming" event was hold 4th time this year in the three secondary schools of Csongrad - a city along the Tisza river. Skeptics from all over Hungary - teachers, magicians, university students, scientists - give special lectures for the students on this locally initiated event.

Darwin Day 2007

The first campaign of the Hungarian Skeptic Society is aimed at introducing the Darwin Day (12 February) tradition to Hungary. Instead of holding centrally organized commemorations, we would like to encourage local and personal initiatives. In order to help, we have created the Darwin Day website (in Hungarian), which collects documents and articles about Darwin and evolution in Hungarian, suggests some general ideas for commemorating this day and provides a user forum for both those interested and the organizers.

Skeptic Blog was started

We launched the blog of the Hungarian Skeptic Society - of course in Hungarian. The main reason in starting a blog was to give an opportunity to those not familiar with skeptical issues and those standing on the other side to communicate to us on various hot topics. Read it (in Hungarian)!

Hungarian Skeptic Society was founded

In the second half of 2006, we decided to bring together people working alone or in isolated groups, who share a liking for critical thinking and have published their work on the internet or been active in various other media more or less regularly. On 15 December 2006, the Hungarian Skeptic Society was founded and its by-laws accepted by its 19 founding members.